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Sharing insights, sparking conversations and inspiring entrepreneurs to build for Bharat.


Sprints are aimed at educating entrepreneurs about the Bharat opportunity, nuances of the lower-income customer segments and technology tools such as the India Stack that help cater to this segment at scale. Through Sprints, we look to start conversations with startups on the support they need to build inclusive, innovative solutions for Bharat.



We are limited in our ability to deeply engage with and support all entrepreneurs through our programs. That said, we do realise that there is a pressing need for one-on-one conversations where entrepreneurs can get advice on specific aspects of their business, the regulatory environment, technology and other issues in a safe, non-judgemental, friendly environment. The Office Hours are pre-scheduled 1-1 mentoring sessions aimed at democratizing access to knowledge, quality mentoring and networks, thereby leveling the playing field for talented inclusion-focused entrepreneurs from everywhere.



In order to inspire and energise all Bharat entrepreneurs, we have created a knowledge and experience sharing platform to openly disseminate all research, studies and pilots emanating from our work. Through this platform, we share insights and experiences under three broad categories - ‘Understanding Bharat’, ‘Building for Bharat’ and ‘People of Bharat’. Through this triad, we seek to create more grounded knowledge in the space of financial inclusion, energise entrepreneurial activity, and bridge the empathy gap between entrepreneurs and the people that populate Bharat. Through the ‘Why we Invested’ series we also share our thoughts on what excites us about the companies we have invested in through the Bharat Inclusion Seed Fund.